January 24, 2010

Get Out Of My Dreams, and Into My Car

I'm thinking about dreams right now, and the 80's. This morning I was sleeping in a little bit because the princess has taken to sleeping late in the mornings. Young Man entertains himself pretty well for awhile after he first gets up, so I was enjoying a little extra snooze time after (stupidly) staying up until 2am researching car seat safety and watching countless youtube videos of "dummies" being flung around cars. Car seat safety isn't dumb, but staying up until 2am to further my knowledge wasn't the best decision. But anyway, so I was happily sleeping in my bed this morning at 9am when the pitter-patter of fast moving feet cut into my dream, the creak and then bang of a door as it was flung open and then the sound of an entire liter of urine being dispensed into the toilet in my bathroom brought me to the groggy realization that Young Man had a close call (I'm not sure why he always uses my bathroom rather than the one right.next.door to his room, but he always does, even at 4am). Thankfully he made it in time. But prior to this emergency pee, I had been having an interesting dream.

I really hate spiders. Every time I see one, I get the chills and a very unpleasant sensation runs along my spine. I automatically and without thinking recoil from even small spiders and move several feet away...but that's not what I was dreaming about. I dreamt about Transformers, yep, Decepticons and Autobots. In my dream for some strange reason my small neighborhood was under attack by the Decepticons. Why? Well, I don't know. It was a dream. Anyway, all the men were drafted into the "army" with the Autobots (they're the good guys) and I was sad because I thought Husband would die for sure. He's not much of a fighter, more of a lover and rationalizer :). But he sure surprised me in my dream. Instead of dying he somehow transformed into a superhero of sorts with some pretty cool powers and saved our neighborhood from certain death by the Decepticons.

So that was my dream. And that got me to wondering...wondering exactly why I would be having a dream about Transformers anyway? And why would Husband have a starring role as the dream hero? I think one could go crazy trying to analyze dreams, so I stopped wondering. Although, I'm sure being the mother of a young boy had a little something to do with the appearance of Transformers in my dream world. Maybe just a little...:)
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