December 16, 2009

Quick Getaways and Orifices

Well, there is for sure something to be said about being able to get out of the house quickly in an emergency. Like say, your house is on fire. You certainly don't want to be stuck in your pajamas with your teeth unbrushed and your hair a greasy mess if it happens to already be 10:30 am and it's because you're just being super lazy. Nope, you want to run out of your house with your designer jeans on, accessorized, blow dryed, and with mascara in place. And of course the kiddos need to be dressed to the nines as well. Now, if it's 3 am, well, that's an entirely different matter. I'm pretty sure it would be odd to not be in pajamas at that hour. But we're talking about 10:30 am here. I think most of my neighbors are ready to hit the town by 7 am. I however, I'm a lollygagger. We mill around the house in our PJs with crazy hair until we're pretty much forced out of the house because Young Man starts kindergarten at 12:30 every day. I have never been much of a morning person. Sure I get out of bed, but it's real hard for me to feel motivated before noon. I'm sure that will all change when Young Man starts all day school next year, but for now, why rock the boat?

So it's 10:30 am and we are, as usual, all in our pajamas having *just* had breakfast. The kids were playing in Young Man's room together. I was NOT on facebook , I swear. I was...uh, doing laundry. Yeah, I was catching up on laundry when suddenly I hear the Princess say to Young Man, "Can you get the lego out of my nose?". And she sounded just a little panicky. Now Young Man responded very appropriately with, "No way, I'm not sticking my finger in your nose!". So then of course I was heading in there faster than you can say "Jiminychristmas" and verified that yes, I could see just the tiniest bit of white plastic up her nostril. So it was off to the Pediatrician we went. Oh great.

Now remember I said that none of us was in a state to be seen in public. So I took the fastest shower I have ever taken in my life (and managed to wash my hair, I was so proud of myself). My legs are looking pretty hairy due to not having any time to shave them, but hey, it's winter and we're in pants every day. Within 20 minutes, we were all dressed and rushing out the door. I wouldn't say I was exactly presentable. I was wearing Husband's baggy butt sweat pants and an old pink hoodie with my wet hair pulled up in a wet bun with a scrunchie (shudder), but like I said, I WAS clean. If I were one of my many lovely and stylish neighbors, I would have already been dressed and ready to go, looking hot at the Pediatrician's office rather than like frumpy mom. But oh well, that extra hour of sleep was probably worth it :).

So the Pediatrician took about 5 minutes with some pretty wicked looking instruments and popped the lego out. He asked if I wanted it back and I, of course, asked him to just throw it away with the crinkly paper after he finished thoroughly checking her every other orifice above the neck. Princess hated the whole process as you can imagine. I'm pretty sure she won't be putting anything else up her nose for awhile. So a lesson has been learned by both Princess and by myself. Princess learned that foreign objects don't go up noses or in ears or mouths. I have learned that there is something to be said for getting out of bed at the crack of dawn to dress nicely and do my hair. You really just never know what is going to happen and what will force you out of the house before you are "dressed".

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