April 04, 2012

E is for Easter of Course!

**This is 'E' in the A-Z series**

So for those who are Christians, a pretty big celebration is coming up. In about 3 days, we will celebrate a huge event that happened approximately 1,978 years ago. I am talking about the resurrection of Christ of course. I have been thinking about Him lately, and about his gift to us. But mostly I've been thinking about what his death and subsequent resurrection was actually like for Him and the people who loved him. Like his mom and dad.

Poor Mary. She got to be the mother of Christ, but what great responsibility, heartache, and worry came with that calling? I don't even want to be Relief Society president...ever. Heck, I don't even want to give an opening or closing prayer at any public church meeting. And Mary was called to be the mother of God's son. It was no easy task either. Little Jesus was incredibly precocious and was always running off into the city to do good deeds. Wasn't he only like 12 years old when he went missing for two days and was found teaching in the temple? Can you imagine being Mary or Joseph. I mean, they lost their beloved first born who also happened to be the literal son of God (Um sorry God, I only turned my back for a second...I swear!). They must have been beside themselves. And then he turns up, not only unharmed but teaching full grown men the gospel at the local temple. I don't know about you, but if I had been Mary, the urge to grab him by the ear and haul him straight home to a month of being grounded (or an entire year) would have been so strong I'm not sure if I could have suppressed it. And that's why I wasn't born to be the mother of Christ.

What grace, goodness, love, and faith she must have possessed to be entrusted to be Jesus's mother. I know some of the most wonderful people on the planet and I still can't imagine them being good enough to be the mother of Christ. Imagine the day when Mary had to watch her beloved son die at the hands of people who should have loved him. He was tortured for hours before he finally succumbed. Mary most likely witnessed it all. Can you imagine seeing that happen to your child? I know I can't. Someday I want to meet Mary, she's my hero.

I bet Mary's joy was almost unrivaled the day he emerged from the tomb. Her boy, baby, beloved son, and Savior all wrapped into one. There are so many mothers across the world who have tragically lost children that can probably imagine how joyful a reunion they would have if their precious child emerged unscathed several days later. I would say I wish I could have actually witnessed it all myself, but, well, I am also glad I was born in the time that I was....with modern conveniences.

As awful as all that was, it was necessary to save all of mankind. I'm grateful for that sacrifice. I don't know about you, but the harder I try to be perfect, the worse I tend to fail at it. Thank goodness when I make mistakes, I'm not permanently stained by them. I'm glad I can repent and have more than one chance at this "perfect" thing.

As a kid I didn't think about this kind of stuff much. I was a lot more interested in what the old Easter Bunny would be putting into my Easter basket. And he sure was generous, that bunny. Every year it was a pound of chocolate of all varieties, toys, and trinkets. Easter morning was almost as good as Christmas morning. Of course, now I know that's because of my mom and her faithful easter basket making each year :).

Every year I also give my children Easter baskets, just like my mom did for us. It's fun. I also enjoy eating their candy, which I have to do on the sly. I love to see their excited looks as they come running to the table Easter morning to see what delights are so carefully arranged in their baskets (the bunny has a real knack for making those baskets look so perfectly arranged). I'm all for Easter baskets. However, this year I am going to make sure that we sit down and talk about the true meaning of Easter. I need to know that they understand how much God loves them and that he sacrificed his only begotten son for them, along with how much chocolate one can eat before vomiting. And after we tell this wonderful story on which the history of mankind is founded? I think we'll enjoy a little Easter candy.


  1. That was a very heartfelt and testimonial post. Thanks for the important reminder of what Easter is all about.

  2. I'm glad you wrote about something that really matters. I know we don't take the time much to express our deepest beliefs, but it's great to read about the most important event from all history. It makes me feel a little silly for my trivial little embarrassing moment post . . . But tomorrow's word will be faith.

  3. Lisa, I loved your post! They don't all have to "matter". Besides, just because you didn't write about God doesn't mean your post doesn't matter. Silly :). And I was thinking about doing 'Faith' as well but wasn't sure I wanted to write 2 religious posts in a row. I might do food. Of course, that's practically a religious experience for me too...hmm :).

  4. I read your post Ashley, and it was good.


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