April 10, 2012

In Heaven

This week, Joe and I are spending some time in heaven. It's also known as St. Lucia, a beautiful island in the southeast Caribbean. The water is warm, clear, and inviting and the sand is like black glitter. It makes for a striking scene. We rented a little villa right outside of Soufriere with two of our friends. It sits high on a hill top overlooking the sea, with Petite Piton rising seemingly from right below us....and it has a pool. Perfect, I know.

I'm gonna keep this short because I'm supposed to be relaxing in Paradise. But here's a quick run down of how my day went. I slept until 10:30 without waking up to a crying baby even once and then laid in bed staring at the mosquito netting for a good ten minutes before I actually got up. Then I put on my suit and some sunscreen and headed out to the pool. I stayed there for a good three hours, only expending enough energy to jump in the pool when I felt hot, and turn from front to back occasionally. After awhile, Joe and our friends returned from the grocery store and we decided to head to Anse Chastenet beach. It's a gorgeous beach with calm, clear water and decent snorkling. I had a good time just treading water and chatting with Kristine about the various things women discuss, like tummy tucks, our kids, and our husbands. I took a nap on the beach too. In fact, I've been taking lots of naps and I have to say, it feels great. When I nap in Utah, I feel lazy. Here it just seems like the appropriate thing to do. After our beach time we came home where we were met by a personal chef named Basil, who cooked us a wonderful four course meal in our home, served us, and then cleaned our kitchen. I think I'll cap off the night with a swim and then fall asleep to the chorus of insects, lizards, and bugs that live in the jungle surrounding our house. It's been an amazing day indeed.

Oh, and if you like mangoes, you'd especially love this place. We have several large mango trees right around the house and it's mango season. That means that mangoes are literally dropping from the sky right now. In fact, we have to watch our heads :).


  1. Oh how beautiful and it definitely sounds heavenly! I've never been to St. Lucia but have now added it to my bucket list. Enjoy your vacation!

  2. Thanks Ashley!! ♥ Sounds like a really wonderful trip too! I remember the beautiful Caribbean from our cruise a few years ago, the water was amazingly crystal clear :)

  3. Oh and I forgot to mention -- your children look so beautiful, and much older than I remember! I didn't think it had been that long since I last saw them!

  4. Wow! I now want to go to St. Lucia. It's so beautiful. Enjoy paradise!

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  5. Jealous, of course. But you guys deserve it. Love you!

  6. Also on holidays - but yours sounds nice, I LOVE mangoes!


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